What You Should Know if You Plan on Switching to a New Agency for Auto Insurance

It does not always pay to remain loyal to an auto insurance agency for an extended period of time. In fact, you may learn over time some less-than-favorable aspects of this company. If this occurs to you, you’ll want to switch auto insurance providers. 

Here are some things you should keep in mind when you’re looking into new insurance companies for your automobile insurance such as Hays and Hagan Insurance of the greater West Columbia, TX area. 

Consider Your Existing Coverage 

You look online and notice that there’s another company that offers auto insurance at a much lower price than what you’re currently paying. Even if this seems promising, it’s a good idea to look closer, specifically at the coverage they’re providing for the price. If it’s too little insurance this can mean that you won’t have adequate coverage if you go to file a claim, and it actually won’t save you money at all. If it’s too much coverage, you may be paying more than you should. 

Communicate with Your Carrier 

Have you found an amazing rate from a different agency? Don’t make the leap just yet. Talk to your insurance provider so that they have a chance to offer you some kind of incentive to keep you as a customer. They may not do a price match to the company you mention, but they may give you other savings options. 

Avoid a Lapse 

Make sure that your insurance coverage doesn’t lapse. If you make the move to a new insurer, pay attention to the date your policy begins. If there’s even a small gap between when your insurance ends with one company and your new policy starts, you could face a penalty. 

Auto insurance is not a one-size-fits-all thing. It requires some research to know that you’re getting the rates and coverage you deserve and that there isn’t anything wrong with your policy. Hays and Hagan Insurance of West Columbia, TX will discuss your needs and identify exactly what’s the best coverage to keep you relatively stress-free when driving. 

When is a commercial insurance plan required?

A business owner in the West Columbia, TX area can be quite successful if they work hard and treat their customers well. To ensure that your business is protected, getting commercial insurance is a good idea. There continue to be many situations when having a commercial insurance plan will be required for you. It is important to understand and follow these requirements. 

When Taking Out a Loan

A key situation when a business owner will need to get insurance for their company is when they want to take out a business loan. A commercial business loan is a great tool that a business can use to manage working capital or purchase key assets and inventory. However, they do come with obligations as well. One requirement that business owners will have is the need to carry commercial insurance. Lenders will want you to have this coverage as it can help to ensure you remain solvent and can repay the loan. 

When Leasing a Place of Business

Another situation when a commercial insurance plan is required is when you want to lease a place of business. Whether you need to lease a retail space, office unit, or warehouse, the landlord and property owner will want you to have proper insurance coverage. Most property owners will verify that you have coverage regularly.

A West Columbia, TX business owner needs to get commercial insurance coverage for their company. Anyone that would like to get this insurance here should call Hays and Hagan Insurance. The team with Hays and Hagan Insurance can help a business better determine and assess their insurance needs. This can help ensure that you can build an insurance plan that is ideal for your business and offers valuable protection. 

How much Life Insurance Should One Have?

A life insurance policy helps to safeguard your family’s financial future after your spouse’s demise or you, as the policy owner. This form of approach ensures that your death benefits get given to the beneficiaries you have selected. They help them cater to living expenses, burial costs, bills, and education. Some of these life policies can also offer benefits while still alive through cash values and accelerated benefits. Whether you need a life insurance policy, the parameter of gauging depends on the individual financial status. Purchasing a life insurance policy acts as a means of providing for their closest family and loved ones upon your demise.

Securing your family’s financial well-being is the topmost priority in one’s life as a breadwinner. Contact us at Hays and Hagan Insurance in West Columbia, TX, and we will help you find the life insurance policy that helps protect your loved ones while also assisting you in achieving your financial goals and needs.

Life insurance being an integral component of your family’s financial plan, you should conduct thorough research to obtain a proper one that meets your needs. One great significance of procuring a life insurance policy is that the death benefits accrued are not subjected to taxation, thus ensuring that your beneficiaries will enjoy the full amount. Visit our offices today at Hays and Hagan Insurance and get proper life insurance that will safeguard your family and loved one’s financial future when unexpected strikes.

How much life insurance should one have?

Your ultimate goal of acquiring a life insurance policy is to provide a robust financial safety net for your family and loved ones. It’s also vital to assess your life insurance. It would help if you refrained from getting too much coverage to attract excessive payment of premiums that could get utilized for an emergency fund or family vacation. The chief purpose of procuring a life insurance policy is to help replace your income if an unexpected eventuality strikes.

You should assess vital questions before you decide the amount of insurance you need in Texas. They include:

  • Do I need to procure life insurance?
  • Do both my spouse and I need life insurance?
  • What if I need to change the amount of coverage later on?
  • What if I acquire a life insurance policy through my employer?
  • What if I have debt? Including credit card, mortgage, and privately funded loans upon your demise.

Life insurance calculator

This life insurance calculator utilizes your existing assets and debts to determine how much life insurance coverage you will need. It advocates for calculating your obligations, including your annual salary, your mortgage balance, your other debts, and future debts, then subtracting your own liquid assets like savings, existing college funds, and current life insurance.

Call us or visit our Hays and Hagan Insurance offices in West Columbia, TX for more information about a life insurance policy.

Protect your belongings with a comprehensive renter’s policy

Here at Kriener Insurance, our team is dedicated to serving all of our greater Woodbury, MN community’s insurance needs. When you are just starting and securing your first apartment, it’s important to protect your belongings. When you have the coverage you need, it’s easy to relax and spend your time without concern about if your property is safe.

Yes, you do need a renter’s policy!

Many young people that are acquiring a rental home or apartment for the first time may think that their landlord’s insurance will provide the coverage that they need. This is not the case. Yes, your landlord will carry a policy that protects their building. However, this coverage is typically only for the structure itself and any common areas that multiple tenants may use.

Whatever damage that may occur within an individual apartment becomes the responsibility of the tenant. Wouldn’t you rather have the protection you need and never have to use it than to be caught without it? Personal liability for damages can occur when an individual is uninsured or has insufficient coverage. There is a lot to be said about having the correct policy at the proper coverage level!

Personal belongings do have sentimental value, but they also have intrinsic value. Having to replace items after a covered event is a lot less stressful when one has adequate coverage and a friendly agent who is available to help with the paperwork that comes with filing a claim. 

Reach out to Kriener Insurance today

If you are a renter in the greater Woodbury, MN area, and it’s time for a policy review, give us a call today. We are here to answer your questions and address any concerns you may have about renter’s insurance and how it can protect you and your possessions. Call today!

Who should get a renters insurance plan in West Columbia?

Moving into a new home in the West Columbia, TX area is a fun and exciting time. When you are looking to move here, renting a home can be a good option. Those who are thinking about renting a new home in this area of the state need to make sure they get the right insurance. Having renters insurance is a good decision in many situations. 

Those that Have Insurance Requirements

Occasionally, you will be required to purchase a renters insurance plan for the entire lease term. Usually, a landlord will require you to show compliance with this coverage before your lease term starts. If you do not get the protection, it could invalidate the full agreement.

Those that Want Coverage

You should also get a renters insurance plan if you want to get valuable protection. A renters insurance plan offers great protection for your personal assets and will give you liability coverage. If there is ever an accident that leads to a guest’s damage or bodily injury, the renter’s insurance plan will give the coverage needed so you can pay for restitution that you are deemed liable to pay. 

If you want to get renters insurance when you are in the West Columbia, TX area, it would be helpful for you to call Hays and Hagan Insurance. The team with Hays and Hagan Insurance can help a tenant understand the value of renters insurance coverage. They can then offer you the advice needed to build and choose a policy that protects you and helps you meet your insurance needs. 

How much flood insurance do you need in Texas?

Flood insurance is a necessity in West Columbia, TX. You do not want to wait until the unthinkable happens to determine how much indemnity protection would have helped. The experts at Hays and Hagan Insurance can help you determine how much flood insurance is right for your family. 

What does flood insurance cover?

Flood insurance may pay for damage to the structure of your home as well as the items inside the residence that were damaged by the flood. This type of insurance does not cover a broken pipe or other human-made events. Flood insurance is specifically for natural disasters. 

Doesn’t a standard insurance plan cover flooding?

A standard insurance policy covers a leaking pipe that ruins your electronics. Such an indemnity plan does not pay for flooding caused by a hurricane in West Columbia, TX. You need an insurance policy that includes hurricanes, tornadoes, and heavy rainstorms to receive a payout for damage caused by these events. 

Is flood insurance required in West Columbia, TX?

Flood insurance is not required by state law unless you reside in a region prone to flooding. You may, however, need to purchase a policy if you have a mortgage. 

It is a good idea to purchase a flood insurance plan even if you do not reside in a region prone to flooding. You may be at a financial loss if a natural disaster destroys your home while you lack proper insurance. 

How much flood insurance do you need?

The agents at Hays and Hagan Insurance can help you determine how much flood insurance you need to live comfortably. Call us today to get started with a quote for coverage!

How much life insurance is enough?

Nobody likes to talk or even think about life insurance. But it is important to discuss and to understand. If you stop thinking about it personally and realize that it is a gift you are giving to your loved ones, it makes it a lot more palatable. But even though you are willing to talk about it, it doesn’t mean you understand it or have any idea how much life insurance is enough. That’s where our expert teams at Hays and Hagan Insurance in West Columbia, TX come in. We know the questions to ask to make sure that your loved ones will be provided for. 

If you are employed, chances are part of your benefits package includes life insurance. This is great, and if you stay with this employer for the rest of your life, it becomes part of your total financial plan. However, if you plan on changing employers, it may be that this insurance is not a good value. It makes sense to purchase your own life insurance and control the premium and coverage.

How much life insurance is enough is different for everyone. It depends on who counts on your income to maintain their lifestyle, for how many years they will need support, and the amount of your income. If you are single with no dependent, you only need enough to pay any debt you might have and your final expenses. If you have small children, it could be your income times the number of years of support they require. For example, if you make $50,000 a year and need 15 years of support, that is $750,000. 

Talking to an insurance agent who knows you and something about your family and financial situation can make this process less stressful. 

Contact Hays and Hagan Insurance in West Columbia, TX to discuss your life insurance needs. 

When Should You Review Your Auto Insurance Policy?

If you live in Lake Jackson or West Columbia, TX, the idea is to review your auto insurance policy relatively frequently. Because your life can change in an instant, so too should your auto insurance. But too often, vehicle owners will forget about their policy until they get a price increase for it or realize that a certain event isn’t covered. This is not the ideal time to review your policy. Hays and Hagan Insurance want you to get a head start, so you’re not met with a nasty surprise somewhere down the line. 

When Something Changes 

It would help if you got in the habit of updating your insurance company. When you change jobs, your circumstances change. Now you’re driving into a different neighborhood, one that might be a lot further from your original job. The more you drive, the more likely you are to get into an accident. This is just one instance of many that can affect your policy. 

When You Want More Coverage 

It’s not abnormal for people to want more coverage, simply so they don’t have to worry if something happens. Whether it’s more protection against medical injuries or coverage against vandalism, it’s nice to have the extra protection. 

When You’re Ready to Change Carriers 

Your carrier has a lot to do with what kind of support you get. Some are more responsive than others. If you’re in West Columbia, TX, you need someone who’s going to be there for you during a crisis. Hays and Hagan Insurance understand that reviewing your policy can be a difficult thing to do. Not only are you caught up in insurance jargon, but you also might worry about a premium increase. Let us help you through the process by calling today to cross one more thing off your to-do list. 

What coverage does my Texas business need

Hays and Hagan Insurance in West Columbia, TX has been in business since 1991 and built a business that gives its customers the benefit of their integrity and years of experience. Commercial insurance has benefits every business needs, whether you are a small home business or a multi-million dollar operation. With an independent agent who understands your business, a policy can be customized to give you only the protection you need. 

Texas is different from most other states in its requirements for business insurance. It requires that business owned autos be covered by commercial auto insurance, but it doesn’t require that you have workers’ compensation insurance.

Commercial auto insurance

The commercial auto insurance requirements are 30/60/25. That is $30,000 personal injury, $60,000 max per accident and $25,000 property damage. If you use a personal car for business, check your personal auto insurance to ensure your policy doesn’t exclude business use. 

Workers’ compensation

While workers’ compensation isn’t mandated by law in Texas, that doesn’t mean you should not offer this valuable protection to your employees. If your business contracts with the federal government, you are required to have this important coverage. 

Commercial property insurance

Things happen, and if your business location is damaged due to a covered hazard, you must be able to get back to work as quickly as possible. Property coverage covers not only the building but also all things that help you to operate your business. This includes machinery, inventory, office equipment, and more. 

Commercial flood insurance

One hazard that property insurance doesn’t cover is floods, and in Texas, floods can be a definite possibility. Don’t let your business be destroyed by a flood for which you don’t have insurance coverage. 

Commercial insurance offers many different types of coverage. At Hays and Hagan Insurance in West Columbia, TX, we will work with you to create your particular business’s perfect policy. Give us a call or stop into our office to discuss your commercial insurance needs. 

How to keep your home safe during winter

The cold season is almost here with us. Soon, we will need to start preparing for the changes that come with the cold season, such as tapping our space heaters, finding our boots and jackets from where we had stashed them during spring, and preparing the fireplace.  

Apart from finding ways to keep your home warm, you also want to make sure that your West Columbia, TX home is equally safe for your family and outsiders. So, what are some of the safety steps you can take? Here are a few tips from Hays and Hagan insurance.

Clear all the ice from the walkway.

Icy walkways are dangerous not only to your children and pets but also to outsiders and everyone who might visit your home. To keep ice away from walkways, ensure that no water is dumped at the front part of the house. You can also salt the area during freezing temperatures.

Keep your pipes and wires adequately insulated.

The last thing you want is to have a water shortage or power problems in a cold month. Proper insulation also prevents the risk of fire hazards in your home. When filled with snow, pipes may rust, fall or even break, causing more damage.

Be careful when using infrared space heaters.

Space Heaters should never be used close to children. These small devices are meant to heat the air around them, meaning that they also heat everything too close to them. If you have to use them, place them at an empty corner around the house where they are far from furniture and other electronics. Keep plastics far away too.

Inbuilt fireplaces provide warmth but beware of carbon monoxide.

Carbon monoxide–also known as the silent killer, is the odorless, colorless gas released when you burn coal. You are at a higher risk of inhaling this gas unknowingly if there is poor ventilation, which can easily lead to death.

For more information about home safety, feel free to speak to us at Hays and Hagan insurance in West Columbia, TX.